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Professor Zoe Winters 

PhD (Oxon), FRCS (Edin), FCS (SA) SFHEA (UCL)

Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon 


Breast Specialist

Breast Cancer Breast Pain Breast Lumps Lymph Nodes
Women with breast cancer and benign breast problems
All women of all ages get breast cancer
Breast Specialist Breast Cancer expert
Hands presenting against breast


Medical Publications
Professor Zoe Wintes academic achievements

  • Cutress RI, McIntosh SA, Potter S, Goyal A, Kirwan CC, Harvey J, Francis A, Carmichael AR, Vidya R, Vaidya JS, Fairbrother P, Benson JR, Reed MWR; Association of Breast Surgery Surgical Gap Analysis Working Group

    October, 2018  Opportunities and Priorities for Breast Surgical Research 

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  • Winters ZE.  Immediate breast reconstruction should be challenged.  BMJ 2009 Mar 17; 338: b1067.
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Medical Publications