"My passion is constantly updating my knowledge base so that I can provide the best possible medicine to my patients, as patients are at the pinnacle of everything I do".

I am highly motivated to update myself with the latest surgery techniques and breast cancer therapies".

Professor Zoe Winters history and work achievements

Focused on providing patients with excellent outcomes regarding surgery and Quality of Life, so that each patient receives personalised treatment and care.

Clinical interests are in both female and male benign and malignant cancer conditions, young onset breast cancer, oncoplastic appraches to breast cancer surgery with immediate breast reconstruction after mastectomy, use of sentinel lymph node biopsy technicques, family history breast cancer risk assessment and advice, breast contour re-sculpturing using fat filing including breast reduction and augmentation.

Professor Winters is regularly invited to talk nationally and internationally as an expert in immediate breast reconstruction in relation to her clinical research in the field including her clinical experience. She has led two novel randomised controlled clinical trials in breast reconstruction in the prevention of seromas (complicating fluid collections after extensive tissue dissections) after breast reconstruction and latterly been the Chief Investigator on Cancer Research UK randomised clinical trials in breast reconstructions which were the first trials of this kind in the UK and internationally in the field. She is considering other important scientific questions to help guide women in future treatment decisions.

She has established her regional and national reputation in pedicle flap immediate breast reconstruction having performed more than 200 of these procedures using combined implant techniques as well as tissue only (autologous) breast reconstructions. Professor Winters has now also produced one of the largest patient groups in this type of breast reconstruction that has studied the effects of the surgery on women’s quality of life issues that surgeons may lose sight of in the face of achieving the best cosmetic outcomes. Importantly, Professor Winters participates in annual appraisal and review of her clinical performances with her latest Hospital Episode Statistics showing very good surgical results with very low levels of surgical complications. This information is shared with patients in the context of national performance figures. Professor Winters records and registers all her breast surgery procedures through the Royal College of Surgeons electronic logbook register in order to track her surgical performances.

Professor Winters has been invited Faculty internationally advising implant companies as well as part of education faculty for newly developed tissue matrices called Acellular Dermal Matrices (ADMs) used in implant based immediate breast reconstruction. She is carefully considering the best approaches to these newly developed procedures in conjunction with national and international leaders in the field of ADM-assisted implant breast reconstruction.

Professor Winters has attended three ADM work shop training meetings (Manchester, London and Bristol) in order to gain the latest knowledge in this technique and to consider the advantages of different ADM products that have the best publication history and data associated with them.

APPOINTMENTS (previous and present)

Private Clinics - Lister Hospital, (Clinic - One-Stops) Chelsea Outpatient Centre, 280 Kings Road, London SW3 5AW 

                        - Lister Hospital, (Surgery Location) Chelsea Bridge Road, London SW1W 8RH

                        - New Victoria Hospital, Coombe Lane West, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 7EG

NHS - Honorary Consultant - Kingston Hosptial - Kingston Upon Thames - affiliated with the Royal Marsden

Board Member of the International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL)

Consultant Senior Lecturer in Breast Surgery / Associate Professor - University of Bristol

Honorary Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon - Bristol Royal Infirmary & Southmead Hospital Bristol

Director of Breast Cancer Surgery: Patient-centred outcomes research group


2017 Honorary Professor of Surgery, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, University College London

2017 Honorary Associate Professor, University of Sydney, Quality of Life Office (Sydney Medical School)

2016 Senior Fellowship of Higher Education Acadamy, UCL (SFHEA)

1999 Doctor of Philosophy, D.Phil. (Oxon), University of Oxford

1992 Fellowship of the College of Surgeons of South Africa FCS (SA)

1989 Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of Edinburgh, FRCS (Edin)

1983 Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, University of Witwatersrand, MBBCh (Rand)


2016 - Selection committee for the Nordic Nobel prize in medicine

2016 - Nominated to the board of International Society of Quality of Life (ISOQOL)

2008 - Pfizer Excellence in Oncology award

2005 - Surgical Club of South West England Travelling Fellowship in Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Marie Curie Institute, Paris

2001 - King James IV Professorship - Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh) for excellence in surgical research

1996 - Antrobus Breast Cancer Research award - University of Witwatersrand

1995 - Oxford Nuffield Senior Research Fellowship - University of Oxford, Worcester College

1995 - Davis and Geck Research Scholarship for Hepatocyte Growth Factor - SA Surgical Research Society

1994 - Guy Elliot Research Fellowship - University of Cape Town

1994 - Davis and Geck Research Scholarship for Hepatocyte Growth Factor - University of Cape Town

1994 - CJ Adams Memorial Trust Fellowship - University of Cape Town

1994 - Stella and Paul Loewenstein Research Scholarship for Hepatocyte Growth Factor, University of Cape Town

1993 - Davis and Geck Research Scholarship for Host immunity in early breast cancer, University of Witwatersrand

Proessor Winters has supervised and been the external examiner for large numbers of postgraduate degree students in the field of breast cancer to include PhD, MSc and MD.

Professor Winters is on numerous national and international committees and is regularly invited to lecture around the world.

Professor Winters talks to BCFM radio about Breast Cancer on International Women's Day 8th March 2016. 

Professor Winters' talks to BBC Radio Bristol about BRCA 1 and BRCA 2, following on from Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. Sept 2013.

BBC Radio Bristol, May 2013, talks to Dr Winters about breast cancer.

BBC Radio Bristol, June 2013, talks to Dr Winters about breast cancer and Tamoxifen. 

Professor Winters talks at the 7th European Breast Cancer Conference in Barcelona about the impact of breast reconstruction on patient quality of life.  

Professor Winters was the founding Trustee of Abreast Cancer Research Charity 2004 - 2016.  Abreast Cancer Research was a Bristol based breast cancer charity, focusing on women's Quality of Life which raised a total of £250,000 thanks to all the supporters, charity fundraisers and all those that dedicated their time. Cath Kidston even showed their support.


Breast cancer charity receives support from Des Kelly and George Ferguson
Prof Winters receives donation for breast cancer charity
Teaching Msc students Oncoplastic breast surger at UCL
Teaching MSc students oncoplastic Breast Surgery at UCL